20 ways to try CBD in 2020

It's a new year and a new decade, so why not make it a new and improved you as well?

As caregivers, a new year can bring trepidation. Not only may you be concerned about your loved one's health and how it will fare in the new year, you may feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caregiving and feel that nothing will change as you enter a new decade.

It's true there is no magic wand, but taking small steps to address your well-being can make a meaningful difference in your life. CBD is worth exploring, if you are dealing with issues like anxiety or chronic pain and have checked with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to take.

The good news is that CBD is available in so many forms. Be willing to experiment to find which forms work best for you. Don't worry if you have a friend who says hemp flower is most effective, or a coworker who swears by tinctures. The truth is that while there is some science behind effective delivery methods, the form of CBD that will work best for you is the one that you prefer to take.  Convenience and cost also may be factors. CBD works best by incorporating it into a daily routine; keep that in mind when experimenting.

CBD tinctures: Also referred to as CBD oil or hemp oil, oral tinctures are one of the most common ways to consume CBD. It is considered to be one of the more effective methods for consuming CBD. Consumers can choose between full spectrum (containing trace amounts of THC) or CBD isolate, in a variety of strengths and flavors.

CBD gummies: Chewable supplements like gummies are popular among the young and old alike. They are convenient and tasty to consume and CBD gummies are no exception. 

CBD hemp flower: CBD flower, also referred to as hemp flower, is the traditional smoked form that those who smoke marijuana will be familiar with. You can find pre-rolled CBD "cigarettes" and hemp flower in bud form, which you grind and place into a dry herb vape or other smoking device to consume.

CBD vape juice: There has been a lot of controversy about vaping over the past year, due to the alarming number of lung-related diseases associated with the practice. While experts have identified at least one additive (Vitamin E acetate) that is responsible for the outbreak, there may be other causes. If you choose to vape CBD, make sure the product you are using is from a reliable company, is made with pure ingredients without harmful additives and ask for test results.

CBD capsules: Like gummies, taking a pill form of CBD is convenient for most people, and easy to add to your daily routing. CBD can be found in capsule and softgel forms, in both full-spectrum and isolate, and at a variety of strengths. 

CBD edibles (other than gummies): You can find CBD infused into a variety of edible products, from candy and gum to brownies to barbecue sauce and honey. I'm a big fan of CBD-infused honey, which is delicious in tea. Note that CBD edibles don't pack the psychoactive wallop as their THC counterparts. Still, you should consume small portions until you find your ideal dose.

CBD beverages: Much like with food, consumers can choose from a variety of CBD-infused beverages, from water to soda to beer. There is debate on how effective such beverages are in delivering CBD, but they are a convenient way to add CBD to your daily routine.

CBD-infused coffee, tea: I am a big fan of CBD-infused teas and coffee. It's best to add some form of fat, like from milk, to offer the best CBD absorption rate.

CBD patches: For pain relief, CBD patches are convenient and offer consistent dosing.

CBD lotion, salves, balm: CBD topical products come in a variety of forms, from lotion to salves and balms. These products can be effective in treating arthritis pain and similar ailments.

CBD roll-on: Like with patches, CBD roll-on applicators can deliver targeting pain and inflammation relief.

CBD spray: Oral sprays are a variation of CBD tinctures, offering an easy-to-use application in a variety of strengths and flavors.   

CBD isolate: For those who want to avoid any trace of THC in their CBD products, isolate is the answer. It is pure CBD, with zero THC. You can find CBD isolate in capsule and oil forms.

CBD inhaler: Much like an asthma inhaler, CBD inhalers offer a convenient, discreet, on-the-go option for consuming CBD. 

CBD syrup: Syrups infused with CBD can be mixed with soda or other beverages, or taken on their own.

RSO CBD Oil: For those requiring a higher dose of CBD to address their issues, RSO offers a concentrated form of CBD. 

CBD infused oil: Not to be confused with hemp seed oil, which is a nutritious cooking oil, you can find CBD infused oil products, such as the CBD Coconut Oil from Lazarus Naturals. The oil form makes it convenient to cook with, or to mix into hot beverages like tea or coffee.

CBD massage oil: CBD-infused oils designed for massage typically contain other herbal components that combine aromatherapy with inflammation relief.

CBD suppositories: This delivery method can be quite effective for those who are comfortable with it.

CBD for pets: Don't forget your pets! If they are stressed or are in pain, you will be suffering too. There are numerous CBD products for pets, from oils to treats and topical products.