Review: CBD Living Water

4 out of 5 stars

CBD comes in many forms, which I think is a good thing. Each person can find the delivery system that works best for them. In my quest to try all things CBD, my curiosity was piqued when I saw CBD Living Water at my local wellness shop.

It wasn't cheap, at around $10 per bottle. However, many online users suggested not chugging the entire bottle in one sitting, like you might do with a regular bottle of water. Each bottle contains about 25 mg of CBD, so some people get multiple servings out of a single bottle of CBD Living Water.

Taking that advice, I got approximately three servings out of my bottle. Each time, I experienced a mild sensation of relaxation. Next time, I probably would drink half the bottle as a serving size, to see if it generated a greater amount of anxiety relief.

As for taste, there is a slight aftertaste, but it is not unpleasant. I may have only noticed the aftertaste because I was looking for it. In addition to CBD, the water is infused with D-Ribose, CoQ10 and Methyl B12. I did not experience any negative side effects.

For those with anxiety in public settings, like a crowded festival, CBD Living Water would be a convenient way to consume CBD without drawing attention. The bottle's tasteful design blends right in with other brands of water.

I would recommend CBD Living Water for those who are on the fence about trying CBD. Drinking water is very natural, so it's a good starting point for caregivers and others to try CBD. Older people tend to have challenges with hydration, so CBD water is an excellent way to consume more fluids.