Review: Pinnacle CBD Full Spectrum CBD Ground Coffee review

5 out of 5 stars

At first glance, one might think CBD coffee is a bit of an oxymoron. If you are taking CBD for anti-anxiety benefits, why would you mix it with a stimulant like caffeine? Wouldn't it cancel out the benefits of the CBD?

I was a bit skeptical, but I'm a huge coffee lover. I go through phases where the caffeine seems to affect me more, making me jittery and increasing my anxiety. Other times, I can drink my usual two cups of coffee per day without issue. While I was at Bee Well Botanicals, I was offered a cup of Pinnacle CBD Full Spectrum CBD Ground Coffee blend. It was made in a K-cup machine and I have to say, it was delicious. Nice and strong, but not bitter. There was no discernible aftertaste.

Since that was my second cup of coffee of the day, I was concerned about any jitters, but I finished the entire cup. Over the next hour or so, I felt alert and focused, but also experienced a steady calmness. My heart and mind didn't race like when I over-caffeinate. It was a great feeling, ideal for doing work involving concentration, such as caregiving tasks. 

I look forward to trying other CBD-infused coffees and teas, but can highly recommend the Pinnacle brand to those who love coffee and CBD.