What are CBD Edibles?

You may heard about CBD edibles. In this guest article, learn more about this convenient way to add CBD to your wellness routine.

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CBD edibles are edible nutritional supplements that come in the form of a chocolate or tasty chew. Made to mask the earthy flavor of hemp, edibles are a pleasant CBD option. The great taste of these products makes CBD appealing to a wide audience. With CBD edibles, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for strength; edibles are as potent and nutritious as other supplement forms.

Hemp-derived CBD edibles are legal in the United States and do not require a medical card for purchase. These products have the legal level of THC (less than 0.3%) and are non-intoxicating. With CBD edibles, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without a high.

Why Should I Choose a CBD Edible?

The number one reason why customers choose edibles is for taste. Hemp has a distinct flavor that, to some, is difficult to get used to. (Watch: What Does Hemp Taste Like?) With edibles, the flavor of hemp is completely covered. A piece of chocolate or a gummy bear can serve both as a nutritional supplement and a sweet treat!

Edibles are a great introductory CBD product. They come in a familiar form and require no instruction. If you are consuming a different form of CBD, edibles can be used as a replacement for your daily bite of chocolate or gum for an extra serving of CBD.

When something is as delicious as CBD edibles, it’s difficult to forget to take them each day. These products taste so great that you’ll look forward to supplementing your routine with CBD!

How Do I Choose a CBD Edible?

There are many types of CBD edibles on the market which can make it difficult to know which product to choose. We suggest considering two things: potency and form. First, edibles can range greatly in potency. Some edibles have a low potency; with these products, you may need to take an additional supplement. There are other edibles that have a higher potency and can be taken as a sole daily supplement. (Read: How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?) Second, choosing an edible is a matter of preference. Do you like chocolate or more fruity treats? With the many options to choose from, you are sure to find a product that suits your taste.

CBD Edibles for Sale

Let’s go over the different types of edibles we offer here at Made by Hemp.


CBD chocolates are a nutritious take on a classic treat. A piece of chocolate in the evening is all you’ll need for an extra serving of CBD. At Made By Hemp, we carry different brands of CBD chocolate that are available in a variety of flavors.


CBD gummy bears are a fun way to take a daily serving of CBD. CBD gummy bears are a suitable replacement for a capsule and can be consumed daily as a nutritional supplement.

Lozenges and Gum

CBD lozenges and gum are a discreet way of getting a daily serving of CBD and are suitable for any time of day.

How Many Edibles Should I Eat Per Serving?

Servings are going to differ by product and person; it is best to start with the recommended serving size on the label. You may find that your ideal serving size is more or less than the recommended amount. It’s best to take your time and try out different serving sizes to see what works best for you. Some people enjoy taking CBD in the morning with other nutritional supplements to start their day while others enjoy taking CBD at night for its calming effect.

Learn More About CBD Hemp Edibles

With CBD edibles, nutritional supplements are easy to remember and pleasant to take! If you struggle to remember to take nutritional supplements, then CBD edibles may be perfect for you.

Interested in learning more and trying some CBD hemp edibles? Check out our full product listings for more details. We also have an educational blog if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CDB and how it works with our body.