Review: Lazarus Naturals

By Joy Johnston

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Lazarus Naturals is one the most popular CBD companies, especially for those on a budget who are looking for a quality product.

It's no secret that CBD products can be very expensive. Sometimes the price is warranted, but other times, companies are simply trying to maximize their profits. Lazarus Naturals offers more affordable CBD products, and with its generous assistance programs, makes discounts available to veterans, those on disability and low-income individuals. But the company does not skim on producing quality, effective products.

One thing to keep in mind is that Lazarus uses an ethanol-based process to extract the CBD from its hemp plants. Some CBD companies use the ethanol process, others use the CO2 process. The ethanol-based method is typically less expensive and some consider it to be more efficient as it can deliver a product with increased bioavailability. The CO2 process allows for more fine-tuning of products, so if you are looking for a tincture with a particular terpene profile, CO2 may be best for you.

I have tried the company's CBD tinctures and also use the pet CBD tincture on my rescue dog. The french vanilla mocha flavor was pleasant and helped mask the vegetal taste commonly associated with hemp oil. The oil was darker than some other CBD oil brands I've tried, and some may find that off-putting. But the color doesn't reflect poor quality, just the extraction process. I found the tincture to be supportive in helping reduce my day-to-day anxiety.

My dog had no issue taking the pet formula when I sprinkled it on his dry food. It has a distinct hemp (cannabis) smell, so sensitive pet palates may need to have it covered up in a flavorful treat. I started him on the 15 mg Calming CBD Oil, with a full dropper twice a day, and it definitely helps with his anxiety and OCD. (There's a THC-free formula for pets as well.) It's one of those things where you may not notice a dramatic difference in the moment, but if you run out of CBD oil, then you will notice your dog's bad behaviors returning in a hurry. 

Because my dog is responding so well to CBD, I will continue to use Lazarus for his supply, since it fits better into my budget than other companies. If you are curious about trying CBD and/or are looking for a company who makes quality, affordable products, I recommend checking out the offerings from Lazarus Naturals.