Instead of Wine, Unwind With Cannabis

Caregivers looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol to unwind after a particularly stressful day may want to consider cannabis. This guest post offers a good overview.

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Picture it: you missed the train to get to work and clocked in late. After you finally arrive, you find out that you missed that all-important call from a client you've been needing to speak with.

Finally, lunchtime arrives, giving you an hour to chill out and get away from the office for a while. But the waiter messes up your order and delivers a meat-loaded meal when you asked for the vegan option. On your way back to the office, it starts to rain, leaving you soaked for the rest of the afternoon.

At long last, you finally reach your front door and head straight for the sofa for some much-needed R&R after a long, trying day. But rather than reach for a bottle of wine, why not ease your nerves and relax your mind and body with a little cannabis?

Not only can it help you chill out, but you might just be able to take advantage of a few health and wellness benefits while you're at it.

Using Cannabis After a Long Day

While enjoying boozy beverages after the day is done is always an option, cannabis might also be a great alternative, as it can bring about similar relaxing effects. Before you go this route, it's helpful to understand the different cannabis strains and their associated effects; namely, know the difference between cannabis indica vs sativa.

Cannabis indica provides deep mental and physical relaxation and is better suited for those using it before going to bed. Indica strains may also be effective at reducing acute pain and nausea. Calming indica strains are also linked to increased dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to your brain’s pleasure and reward centers.

Cannabis sativa, on the other hand, is more mentally stimulating. It can heighten the senses and creativity, which makes it a better daytime choice. Sativa is also effective at increasing serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter that helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Stimulating sativa strains may also relieve chronic pain.

Either strain can have its own level or concentration of THC, which is the cannabinoid responsible for producing psychoactive effects. CBD, the other cannabinoid better known for its bodily effects and lack of mind-altering qualities, is also present in either strain. The level of THC and CBD in the plant does alter the effects you feel, so make sure you do your research before pairing a long day with the cannabis plant.

At the end of the day, both wine and marijuana have the potential for mental and physical relaxation, which is why many people reach for either one after a particularly challenging day. Although resveratrol may create some health benefits from consuming a small glass of red wine, cannabis, too, comes with a slew of health benefits.

From relieving pain to boosting mental clarity, alleviating seizures and more, cannabis is much more than a substance to help you unwind after work.

It's increasingly being proven as an all-natural substance with medical and wellness effects that stretch far beyond being a go-to resource for chilling out.

Why Wine is a Typical Go-To After a Long Day

It's not uncommon to hear adults touting wine as the first thing they reach for after a long day, to help them unwind and release tension. What is it about wine that makes it such an ideal beverage to reach for at the end of the day?

We've touched upon the notion that cannabis oil comes with a few healing properties, but so does wine. While we all know that drinking too much alcohol can have detrimental health effects, moderate amounts of red wine can actually be beneficial for your health — especially when compared with other alcoholic beverages.

For starters, red wine contains a substance known as resveratrol, which is a compound in some plants that fights off bacteria and fungi. When it comes to red wine, users can get their fill of resveratrol from the skins of the grapes.

Research suggests that resveratrol may help protect the heart, reduce the risk of cancer, and may even help prevent the loss of vision, among other things.

While red wine comes with a slate of benefits, the main reason people drink it is not for its healing properties, but its ability to induce a more relaxed state. Because it contains alcohol, wine has several sedative properties that cause the mind and body to experience a nice relaxation. Research has shown that consuming wine can alleviate stress because of its naturally calming effect. Good wines also have complex and compelling flavors, which might be the biggest reason why people reach for a glass of their favorite pinot noir or chardonnay.

While a glass or two is fine, drinking alcohol in excess can be hazardous to your health, and its negative side effects have long been documented, including:

· Slurred speech

· Vomiting

· Upset stomach

· Headaches

· Breathing difficulties

· Impaired vision

· Impaired coordination

· Blackouts

With long-term alcohol abuse can come any of the following:

· Alcohol poisoning

· High blood pressure

· Liver damage

· Brain damage

· Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach walls)

· Malnutrition

· Cancer

· Addiction

Considering these potential effects, it’s worth noting that cannabis products can offer the same relaxing effects, without the same level of dangerous repercussions.

How About Combining Both Wine and Cannabis?

Enjoying both alcohol and marijuana - responsibly, that is - can offer users the best of both worlds. The lure of both wine and marijuana is certainly tempting and can provide the exact level of relaxation that people are looking for after being challenged throughout the day.

In fact, lovers of wine and cannabis can now enjoy a novelty known as "canna-wines," which is a clever combination of the two. These cannabis-infused wine blends feature customized flavors coupled with different cannabis strains. Depending on the exact effect you're going for, there's a cannabis wine for you.

Companies like Rebel Coast and Cannavines have crafted their own special blends of savory cannabis-infused wines that taste as good as they make you feel.

Whether you're looking to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, or even alleviate pain you may be experiencing, there are variations of wine and cannabis combinations available that can provide you with the ultimate relaxer when you finally cross the threshold of your home.

Final Thoughts

Day-to-day life can be highly stressful, but wine has become somewhat of a savior when it comes to swapping stress for relaxation. As an alternative to cabernet sauvignon and pinot grigio, recreational cannabis can also provide just the right amount of relaxation.

Since it may be associated with fewer negative health effects compared to alcohol - particularly when consumed in excess - the cannabis plant may be the ideal resource to help achieve a more comfortable state of mind. Or else, there's always the option for consumers to combine the two.

So if you’re seeking an alternative to your daily glass of red, consider a bowl of green. As always, if you're going to enjoy wine, or cannabis, or both after a particularly long day, be sure to do so responsibly.