Gift guide: CBD hemp products for caregivers

By Joy Johnston

The holiday season is upon us and that means it's time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you have any caregivers in your life, I have a list of products I recommend. Whether you know someone seeking relief from chronic pain or something to help with anxiety and insomnia, there are CBD hemp products that could potentially help. (Disclaimer: Recipients of CBD gifts should verify with a medical professional that such products are safe for them to consume.)

Why CBD topicals make good gifts for caregivers: Creams, salves, lotions and other topical products can be a great introduction to CBD for a caregiver. The hands of carers often become dry and cracked, because they endure a lot of hand-washing and may be exposed to harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

  • Select everything from lotions, to pain-relieving freezing gels to bath bombs.
  • Cannabidiol Life: Consider the CBD Body Butter ($24.95) made with mango seed butter, which may help treat skin condition like eczema.
  • CBD Distillery:  This company offers a CBD salve and cream (each $50). The salve features a soothing blend of CBD and lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, marjoram, eucalyptus and frankincense, among other botanicals. The cream is ideal for dry hands, leaving them soft but not greasy.
cbd distilleryPNG
  • CBDfx: Try the CBD balm or the CBD cream ($29.99-$39.99), infused with caffeine, willow bark extract and menthol.
  • Fab: The CBD Muscle and Joint Topical ($64) has a refreshing blood orange scent and offers a soothing treatment for dry skin and aching muscles.

  • HempMeds: This company offers a wide range of topicals, from salves to roll-on pain relief formulas. The Salvation Balm ($39) is ideal for treating dry skin, and smells great, with a mix of cedarwood and lavender oil. 

  • Koi: Try the Lavender Koi CBD lotion ($44.99), a lavender-scented hand and body lotion that's infused with CBD.