Aiding Menopause and Depression with CBD Oil

This article by Madeleine Taylor is originally published at SundayScaries.

Menopause can be one of the most difficult periods in a woman’s life. Not only does she have to come face to face with her aging body, but she must also accept she’s transitioning into infertility. Some women find this a relief, while others are devastated by their body’s inability to conceive and bear children.

In addition to what menopause means, many women also face symptoms that are a direct side effect of their body changing. Menopause includes a number of hormonal fluctuations and this can lead to a variety of issues with emotions and mental wellbeing. Just the same as puberty is a confusing and complex time fueled by raging hormones, menopause can feel the same. A woman might be older and wiser than she was when she passed through puberty, but the physical effects can make her feel as if her world is turning upside down.

Dealing with the depression that is often a part of menopause can be one of the most challenging aspects of passing through this phase in life. Understanding what is causing your feelings of depression and making sure they are linked to menopause and not another issue is extremely important when trying to determine how to treat menopausal depression.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a word used to describe one of three different conditions:

  • If a person has a depressed mood, they are temporarily feeling sad. Every healthy person experiences a depressed mood every once in a while.

  • Clinical depression, on the other hand, is an indication a person is not healthy. It is a disorder that is linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain and it requires treatment. The brain can change on its own over time, but most people need assistance recovering from clinical depression.

  • Depression can also occur as a symptom, which is the case with menopausal depression. Depression is linked to many different medical and psychological issues, or it can occur following a significant life event, such as death or divorce. In most cases, depression that occurs as a symptom is short term and might not even require treatment. It does increase a person’s risk for developing clinical depression, but this is not always the case.

Despite the symptom of depression not necessarily being a serious, long-time problem, it can make life miserable. This is especially true when a woman is trying to deal with the other challenges of menopause, as well as her normal, everyday life. Relating to a loved one, handling the stress of work, and living a complete, and fulfilling life can be tasks that are nearly impossible as a woman is experiencing menopausal depression.

Treating Depression During Menopause

If a woman is resistant to trying medication or other treatment options for depression she’s experiencing during the menopause, there might be other options. Some women don’t want to take antidepressant medication because of the side effects. Some users of these medicines report feeling unlike themselves—they feel nothing. They remove their symptoms of depression, but they are incapable of feeling happiness or excitement or anything else.

Even if a woman is willing to give antidepressant medication a try, some find it just doesn’t work for them. They try the drugs and have few side effects—but the medication doesn’t help them with their problem.

In either case, CBD oil might be an option. For some time, people have been talking about, and using, CBD oil for menopause and depression. CBD oil is milder than antidepressant medication and it produces fewer side effects. It also allows the body to deal with depression naturally.

CBD oil has been shown to have a significant impact on the symptom of depression. According to research, CBD interacts with the 5-HT1A neuro-receptor, which is responsible for carrying serotonin into the neurons in the brain. Any compound that effects serotonin will have an effect on mood and depression and CBD oil increase the level of serotonin in the brain.

Will I Get High with CBD Oil?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states and is becoming increasingly popular as a medical treatment. However, there are still people who are resistant to using medical marijuana because they do not want to get high.

CBD oil, though related to marijuana and cannabis, and all come from the cannabis plant, does not make you high. It is a completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Many people consider it a “miracle compound” that offers many of the benefits of medical marijuana without the side effects people want to avoid. More and more menopausal women are considering CBD as a treatment for depression and pain, which is backed by many people in the medical community.

One study showed that mice treated with CBD experienced an instant improvement in their behavior, including a decline in hyperactivity. More testing is needed, especially on human subjects, which until recently because marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 drug, was something that was rarely allowed in a medical setting.

Those familiar with the effects of using CBD oil to treat depression point out that it can have a positive effect on those suffering within as little as an hour. It features very few, if any, side effects, and can be used safely by people from all walks of life and who are dealing with all sorts of other medical issues.

What CBD Oil Has to Offer for Women Experiencing Menopause

More and more women are trying CBD oil to treat their menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and so on. In addition to easing depression, many have found it helps with anxiety that might also occur during menopause.

Some report it helps them feel healthier and better overall and puts them in a better frame of mind for dealing with one of the most difficult phases in a woman’s life. They report it helps them sleep, which in and of itself can reduce a person’s risk for developing depression. For many, CBD oil is part of a natural, healthy lifestyle that allows them to pass through menopause with fewer problems and transition into their next phase of life feeling their best.

If you’ve been looking for a way to ease the symptoms of depression you’re experiencing during menopause, CBD oil might be the best option for you.