8 things to look for when buying CBD hemp oil

By Joy Johnston

Here's a handy list for what to look for when purchasing CBD hemp oil. If you want more detailed information for each point below, please check out my e-book, CBD for Caregivers, which is just 99 cents at major digital book retailers.

Product description: The product label should state that it contains CBD, as CBD, hemp extract, and hemp oil  are sometimes used interchangeably by retailers but don't have the same definitions.

Full-spectrum vs. isolate:
Consumers will need to make a personal choice as to whether they want full-spectrum product or a CBD isolate product. The label should clearly provide this information, and whether the product contains any THC. 

Potency: Knowing the strength of a product is key, so look for the CBD amount per serving, versus what is in the entire bottle.

Base oil: You'll want to know the base oil used in a CBD hemp oil product in case you have to avoid specific allergens, such as tree nuts. 

Not everyone is a fan of the taste of unflavored hemp CBD oil, so you may need to experiment to find a flavor that you find pleasing, taking into consideration any allergies you may have.

Beware of Amazon: The giant online retailer forbids the sell of CBD products on its site, so be skeptical of any listings for hemp CBD oil you see for sell on Amazon.

Lab results: Keep in mind that CBD hemp oil providers are primarily self-regulating right now, until the FDA lays down the groundwork for safety and quality oversight. Lab reports will help verify the level of CBD and any presence of pesticides or other toxins.

Reviews: Check out CBD user forums like Reddit to get feedback on a particular CBD hemp oil product.

Check out my list of vetted CBD hemp oil companies to help you decide what product to buy.