2020 holiday gift guide for CBD lovers

It's been a challenging year. Many people are stressed out and the isolation that the coronavirus pandemic has prompted can lead to depression and risk of substance abuse.

CBD may offer a healthier way to encourage relaxation and manage stress levels. Consult your physician if you have any questions about how CBD interacts with current medications you take. When gifting CBD, encourage others to do the same.

Here are some popular CBD gift options:

Skincare: For those who may be leery of ingesting CBD, topical products are a great introduction. You can find CBD-infused lotions, pain relief creams, gels, bath bombs and roll-on applications. If  you know someone dealing with chronic pain from a condition like arthritis, a CBD skincare product could be a thoughtful gift. You can even make your own for a homemade gift.

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Edibles: Ideal for gift giving, CBD edibles come in many forms, from gummies to chocolate. You can also find CBD-infused beverages, including coffee, tea, sodas, water and more.

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Pets: If you have a pet owner on your list, consider a CBD treat for their furry friends. You can buy CBD-infused dog treats, along with pain-relief balms and oils. I personally have found that CBD helps manage my dog's anxiety. 

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