Review: Pulsar APX 2 Vaporizer

4 out of 5 stars

When I began my CBD journey, I tried forms that I was familiar with (oils, gummies, tea) before moving to vaping. I was never a pot smoker so I was a bit hesitant about trying flower. However, I read rave reviews from users who said hemp flower offered the greatest CBD effect, and worked the best at offering quick symptom relief.

I also needed a dry herb vape. When trying Cannabidiol Life's vape oil, I ventured into the world of vaping devices. I enjoy the Rubi from KandyPens for vaping liquid forms of hemp-derived CBD, and was seeking a similar, easy-to-use device for dry herb. I also wanted something reasonably-priced.

Enter the Pulsar APX. I purchased mine for $69.99 from VaporNation. I love the size of the device, which is similar to a fat lighter. It fits in my hand comfortably.

The Pulsar APX vape design makes it easy to load dry herb. Just grind your hemp flower, pop off the mouthpiece of the vape, and load into the chamber. The controls are simple to use, and it's easy to change the temperature. Turn on and off the device by pressing the power button 5 times, and cycle through the temperature settings (5 preset options) by holding down the power button. The device offers haptic feedback, buzzing in your hand when the desired temperature is reached.

Cleaning the device is efficient, and the vape comes with a brush for removing used herb from the chamber. I haven't had any issues keeping it clean and functioning properly.

The only downside is battery life. It's woeful. I'm not exactly a power user, and I get through about 1 to 1.5 sessions before the battery charge light comes on. You can continue using the device for a bit after the warning light comes on, but if you are hemp flower lover, you will want to keep the USB charging cable handy.

For me, long battery life is not a priority. I only use the device at home so charging is not an issue. I hope that future versions of the device will try to remedy the battery life issue. If battery life is not essential for you, then I highly recommend the Pulsar APX 2. It's affordable and offers a simple and efficient design.  For those who like to vape dry herb on-the-go, you may want to consider devices with longer battery life.

As for the effect of vaping hemp flower, I agree with the majority of users who feel that this method offers the most immediate effect. While I probably will stick with oil-based tinctures as my preferred form of CBD usage, I do appreciate the immediate relief vaping hemp flower offers.