Review: Colorado Botanicals Hemp Oil

4.25 out of 5 stars

You can buy just about everything on Amazon, as I learned when I was a caregiver. Unfortunately, the company has cracked down on CBD hemp oil products, meaning some companies have to get creative in order to sell their products on the popular retailer's website.

There are also a lot of shady companies on Amazon trying to pass off hemp seed oil used for cooking as medicinal CBD hemp extract. While hemp seed oil is nutritious, it doesn't contain CBD.

But what is a legitimate company supposed to do when trying to sell their products on Amazon? They get creative. While I generally have steered clear of Amazon for CBD purchases, early on I did buy one product that I enjoyed very much.

That product was Colorado Botanicals Hemp Oil.

On Amazon and on its own website, you won't see references to CBD. But if you go read the company's process in creating its products, you'll find that they are in fact a legitimate company, offering full-spectrum hemp extract oil. I tried the 300 mg bottle, which is $34.99 on the company's website. (Beware, it's almost twice as much on Amazon; it wasn't when I bought it over the summer.)

The flavor of the Colorado Botanicals Hemp Oil is one of the most pleasant I've tasted. I would put it ahead of Charlotte's Web, which I also enjoy, but is a bit grassier. The Colorado Botanicals oil is flavored with peppermint and is super clean tasting. There was no aftertaste other than a mild lingering taste of mint. Note if you experience heartburn this oil may aggravate your condition. I've also read of a few people who had a mild allergic reaction to peppermint-flavored oil (not necessarily from Colorado Botanicals.)

I found Colorado Botanicals Hemp Oil to be effective in treating my anxiety. The company also offers a Plus and Advanced version of their tinctures, with more products expected to be added in the future.